Monday Morning Music

4/28/2014 10:00:00 AM
A couple weeks ago I posted a stunning aria from one of Mozart's earlier operas, the Abduction from the Seraglio. Here is the duet between Blondechen and Osmin that follows that aria: Ok, it's a puppet version, and the soprano isn't quite as fantastic as Olga Peretyatko (in my view, the definitive Blondechen). But don't let the puppet version turn you away; the singing is quite good, and the puppeteering brings a level of lightness and silliness (and perhaps a fairy-tale aspect) to the opera that I think Mozart really did intend. However, if you really want the version with Olga Peretyatko--and I can't blame you--you can find the whole opera here, with the duet at 1:07:20.