Happy tax day

4/14/2016 05:08:00 PM
Here's how I do taxes. Starting in January, a handful of W2, and 1099 forms are sent to me. I don't check them for errors. I accept the lack of a form being sent as evidence that I have no reportable income from that institution. I fire up the IRS website, open their 1040 form in one browser tab and their tax table in another tab. I copy and paste crap from my W2's and 1099's into the 1040 form, then copy and paste crap from the IRS's tax table into it as well. Before you can submit the form you have to click the "do the math" button which inexplicably takes 5 seconds despite the fact it is just adding about 4 numbers—I once built a javascript DSGE simulator that was faster than this tax form. Ok, now that several javascript epochs have passed, it will now finally let me submit it.

The really absurd part of all this is that the IRS already has copies of all the same W2 and 1099 forms. They already know literally the same amount about my income as I do. Having me send them this info again doesn't increase it's accuracy at all—I have merely copied and pasted. My role in this process adds absolutely zero value to IRS auditors.

Oh, and once I do that, I have to do it again on the Ohio website.