Monday morning music: MGMT

1/06/2014 01:07:00 PM

Today we hear from MGMT on what may be their most ambitious opus: the 12-minute epic medley "Siberian Breaks". A unique problem with posting contemporary music: copyright holders generally refuse to allow users to embed their YouTube videos, meaning we have to make do with live performances (pssst, you can view the studio version here -- believe me when I say it is the definitive recording).

Siberian Breaks is about as sprawling as the LA metro area, with some eight different movements woven together with near-seamless precision. It's incredibly convincing as an authentic Prog Rock period piece from the early 1970's, at least until the final minutes when Andrew and Ben invite the listener to trip out over a bubbling field of effervescent synth. This version soups up the coda with an emotional guitar solo.