Introducing the new Tweetable button!

1/27/2015 07:12:00 AM
You may have noticed that every post on this blog now has a button at the bottom that says "Tweetable."
The tweetable button appears on every post both here on Separating Hyperplanes, shown here on the right, as well as over at The Incidental Economist, shown here on the left.
If you press one of these buttons, it will highlight in twitter-blue all the sentences in the post that are short enough to tweet--less than 140 characters, including the link to the blog post--and turn them into links so that when you click the sentence, it brings up twitter with the text and link all ready to go. Sentences that are almost tweetable--more than 140 characters but less than 150, with the link--will be highlighted in off-white instead of twitter-blue, and while they will need to be edited for length, otherwise work exactly the same.

I programmed the Tweetable app myself--Austin Frakt dared me to do it. You can find the new buttons both on here and over at The Incidental Economist.

Sidenote: if you are reading this in an RSS reader, the tweetable button won't work there. Click over here to check it out!