Monday morning music

12/23/2013 12:12:00 PM
This week we forwent the Sunday night music in favor of alliteration. Let me lay down some good ol' fashioned orchestral rock, courtesy of Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra.

"Tightrope" leads off the band's 1976 release, entitled A New World Record (even though you can hear the entire album herethe copyright holder of the studio recording is exceptionally mean and won't let us embed the video, so this is a live version of the song from 2001).

The album showcases the band's tightest, most polished and most commercial sound yet. It also sports classic gems like "Telephone Line", "Livin' Thing", and "Do Ya", which, while a Jeff Lynne original, is actually a cover of ELO's forebear The Move. Lynne's knack for memorable hooks, beatlesque harmonies, and lush orchestration are on full display throughout.